African Queen Arts has a beautiful history. It all started when Queen was 16 years old. She decided to go to the beach on holiday to see her big brother who was selling arts and crafts in Assine (a popular beach on the Ivory Coast) in club Valtour. She noticed that her brother was making a lot of money selling to the tourists. She always went there every holiday to help her brother in the business. After High School, she decided to specialise in Marketing and after that she went to Italy to sell her arts. Her company is called African Queen Arts and it originated from Ivory Coast. Africa Queen meaning;

African Art Because her brother was selling African Art.
Queen - Because her name is Queen.

After Italy she came here to South Africa. In February 1994 which is when she arrived in SA she built her company. Every Sunday they would go to the Rooftop Market in Rosebank to sell their goods, African Queen also got a Showroom at no. 42 Northway, Kelvin in Johannesburg.

African Queen Arts is now a big wholesale & retail company that sells art from all over African countries, such as Ghana, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Nigeria, Cameroon, Mali e.t.c. African Queen Arts sells all types of arts starting from African curios to African furniture. At African Queen Arts we seek to please every client, so if you are looking for a product, or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact, email, or visit us on our website at anytime, any day.